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December 19 2020

  First we would like to welcome Marybeth Graham and Josh & Ashley Escola as the newest members of Perry Rotary.

  We are proud to announce that our inaugural Wreaths Across America event at was a huge success. Our members along with many volunteers placed over 400  pine wreaths on the final resting places of veterans in Calvary Cemetery. We would like to thank the American Legion Post 221 for being the Color Guard. Also thank you to our VIP speakers Rick DeChant and Jim Oaks.


  Please remember that donations can be made at any time to help support Wreaths Across America. We are already set for over 1000 and hope to place a wreath on all 2500 veteran graves in Calvary next year.


Below is a short picture gallery and a link to the ceremony in its entirety.
















November 29 2020

Turkey Trot 2020 is a Success!

Thanks to the efforts of our race director Lisa Dyer,

the Rotary Turkey Trot committee and our volunteers, this years race was held despite the challenges of adapting to the requirements placed upon public events due to Covid. This year a virtual race option was put into place to lessen the crowd on the course. One stipulation from the health department was a maximum of 1000 runners on the course. A drive thru pick-up station was constructed and staffed to provide the runners with the race bags and bibs.  Runners were also asked to wear a mask for the first 1/2 mile so there was time for everyone to stay spread out. At this point the Perry Rotary would like to acknowledge and offer our gratitude to

Barrett Scheatzle, Blake Abbott, Sean Domer, Max Grillo and Ian Paul.

  These young men from the Central Catholic Cross Country Team helped us by running to the cars to get the names for packet pickup. On the morning of the race we had 431 runners in attendance for the live event. The first place finisher  from Uniontown, OH was Noah Schaub with a time of 15 minutes. That is faster than the time it took to write this article!

                            Race results and pictures can be seen by clicking the link below.






Sept. 2, 2020 Meeting

Please see the 2020 Turkey Trot  update page for important news!

  • Perry Rotary Grave site Care Service Program

  • Wreaths Across America

  • Operation Perry Clean Sweep


The Perry Rotary Club is proud to announce the three new programs listed above which we will be working to implement to help the community. These programs are just getting off the ground and each will be a great way to help beautify the area. Once these programs are in place more information will be available. In the meantime the links below are disabled.













During our August 19th meeting, we were pleased to be joined by District Governor Linda Henderson. She gave a presentation, and the link below will take you to a recording of the event.

Highlight the link and copy and paste to your browser.

August 5, 2020

The 2020 Car Show has been canceled due to Covid-19 concerns and compliance with Health Department requirements for large gatherings.'re going to need a seat belt for 2021!!!!

We would like to congratulate Luis LaCourt as the 2020 recipient of the Paul Steiner Vocational Service Award

  The Paul Steiner Vocational Service award is given to a person who has represented outstanding leadership and guidance in their vocation. Who was Paul Steiner? Paul served in the U.S. Navy, aboard the destroyer, Bristol, with the occupational forces following World War II. Paul was a Perry Local Schools Superintendent and a past Perry Township Rotarian, a Paul Harris fellow, and was awarded the Perry Township Outstanding Senior Citizen in 1998.

Past Winners of the Paul Steiner Vocational Service Award include:

Bob Fonte, Director of Stark Parks

Mark Abbott, Perry Township Fire Department

Jenn Warner, Legacy Project Program Director 2019

  What is Vocational Service? As Rotarians we are encouraged to serve others through our vocations and practice high ethical standards. Which brings us to our 2020 Paul Steiner Vocational Service Award winner Dr. Luis Lacourt, who recently transitioned from a High School Counselor  at  our Perry Local Schools to Core Faculty in The School of Counseling at Walden University.

  Dr. Lacourt was a well-respected Guidance Counselor at Perry High School and a favorite of the students, he was instrumental  in bringing a SMART lab to  Perry High School and Edison Middle School. SMART which stands for STRESS MANAGEMENT & RESILIENCY TRAINING. The SMART Lab which teaches and researches the efficacy of stress management and resiliency skills. With all the stresses our young students and young adults are facing each and every day this is and was a huge blessing.

  Dr. Lacourt, your good works, integrity, and dignity have been well demonstrated and we are proud to present you with the Perry Township Rotary Paul Steiner Vocational Service Award.

New signage approved for Perry Township Road signs!

  There will be 5 new Perry Rotary Club additions to the "Welcome to Perry Township" road signs that are currently in place as you enter the township. Below is the script that was presented to the Board of Trustees. This was approved and the new signage will be in place soon!

  Good evening and thank you for having me!

  For those of you who may not know me, I am Tom Nelligan a lifelong resident of Perry Township and President of The Rotary Club of Perry Township.

Recently I submitted a request for your review. The request is asking you to consider allowing the addition of sign placards to the beautiful Welcome to Perry Township signs that people see when entering our Perry Township.

  This evening I wanted to put a face behind that request under your consideration, and let you know a few ways that Perry Township and The Rotary Club of Perry Township have worked together.

  • The Hartwick Park Pavilion which was created and sponsored by the The Rotary Club of Perry Township

  • The Rotary Club's donation of the Swing Set at SummerdalePark

  • The Rotary Club contributed financially in the building of the Meredith ParkPavilion

  For several years Perry Rotary has proudly partnered with Perry Township for the betterment of our community. Perry Rotary would be honored to continue our community partnership by publicly displaying our logo and website on placards placed on the newly installed Welcome to Perry Township signs identifying the township borders. Thank you for your time and consideration

Our guest speakers for this meeting were Serena Draper Hendershot,

Shae Gatlin and Katie Remark introducing us to "Be the Change"

A link to the recorded presentation:

   Be the Change Advocates


  Our Mission: To enhance education of the local community on social injustice and racial bias, and work to create an environment that promotes the inclusion of minority individuals.


  Our Purpose: Since there is a racial & generational gap of those who are doing the prominent decision-making in our communities we are well aware of the need for policy change, while there has been a lack of efficient education within our schools and community on the reality of the world around us. So with policy reform, educational programming and representation our mission will be fulfilled.



Serena Draper Hendershot - Managing Advocate

Katie Remark - Communications & Allyship Advocate

Shae Gatlin - Community Members Advocate Skyler Parks - Youth Development Advocate

Richie Harper - Law & Policy Advocate

Kylee Cheatwood - Education & Training Advocate Danielle Williams - Community Members Advocate

Jan Almasy - Community Leaders Advocate


  Collaborations Enlightened Solutions


StarkFresh yStark!

Canton Charge

Kent Stark BSU & Global Initiatives

The Martin Center

Canton Parks & Rec

3rd Street Community Church


  Recent Events

Peace Talk at City Hall - June 6th

Black Beauty Matters Photoshoot - June 13th

Leadership Stark County Statement Release - June 30th (ish)

Your World is only as Diverse as Your Dinner Table Sermon at Rivertree - July 5th

Rivertree Jackson Listen & Learn Panel Discussion - July 16th

Racial Disparities with Education, Health, Economics, & Justice - July 18th Financial Literacy Class - July 20th

Memorial Weekend flags placed on graves of veterans at Calvary Cemetery. Rotarians assisted Operation Flags of Freedom.

   FYI our budget of $250 for the Easter Egg hunt was donated to Perry Helping Perry due to cancellation of the event.

   BB Preview Awards (see home page for Preview link)

                                       Congratulations to:

Ellet: Cam’Ron Jacobs
Central: Austin Nupp
Tuslaw: Evan Shertzer
Wadsworth: Stan Bingham
Green: Ryan Smith
Perry: Reese Heater
Barberton: Santino Fox
Fairless: Lucas Ruegg

   Bob Young Can Do Award Winner

   Congratulations to Sydney Greenburg (Perry) $250

Perry Rotary Community Service Scholarship Winner

  Congratulations to Jacob Hervey (Perry) $500

   Perry Rotary has been awarded a Grant of $150 from Rotary International for the purpose of helping out Perry Helping Perry with the food pantry. These grant dollars are awarded based on our past donations to the Foundation. (Thank you all)

   Perry High School Resiliency Run

    The event is open for registration as a virtual run/walk event
   The students wanted to return our donation but the board has voted not to accept and for them to accept on our behalf.

Grave site Care Service Program
Wreaths Across America
Operation Perry Clean Sweep